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Website Do’s & Don’ts [infograph]

Web development can be a tedious process, especially if you’re indecisive about your end vision. One thing to keep in mind, your web presence will more than likely be the first impression to a potential customer. With that being said,when it comes down to the development be sure to take your time, plan and define a professional execution strategy that will benefit your business the most.

The info graph below displays a list of website do’s & don’ts… Although these are very broad tips, they are key points in the development & execution of any great web presence. Be sure to stick to these guidelines in your early stages of development and you’ll be happy with the outcome.



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The Anatomy of an Effective Web Design

A web design is made up of various components, all working together to accomplish a goal – whether it be building a community or selling a product. These parts must compliment each other in a way that creates a good experience for the user. Miss the mark on one element and potential subscribers or sales could be lost, but execute correctly on all parts and chances are you will have created an effective web design. Here’s an infographic that helps break it down for you.


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Finding Inspiration for Your Graphic Design

Although it seems like people whose jobs are in the line of art, like graphic designers, are always bursting with ideas and full of inspiration all the time, the truth is they also go through dry seasons. There are times that no matter how much they wring their brains, their creative juices just wouldn’t produce a drop for the time being.
But for someone like you who rely on those juices in order to keep going, you can’t just wait for it to strike or else you’ll starve, you have to go and find it.